Participation Fee

The participation fee for the two weeks is 120 per person, but families with children have following discounts:

  1. children under 4 years old do not pay the participation fee
  2. 5-year-old children have a 50% discount
  3. the 2nd child has a 20% discount
  4. the 3rd child has a 40% discount
  5. the 4th child has a 80% discount
  6. the 5th child does not pay the participation fee

In cases where multiple discounts are applicable to the same child, e.g. when a child is 5 years old and also the 2nd child, apply whichever discount is bigger—in our example that would be 50% instead of 20%.

Before payment you need to register, afterwards you can pay the participation fee to Kvija's bank account:

Udruga Kvija
Gundulićeva 3
10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR0424020061100625588


The accommodation is organized in family apartments on the island. We are placed in several houses with bath and kitchen. The price per bed depends on the apartment and the number of people staying, so it’s 15-20 per person per night. The accommodation should be booked by organizers in order for you to be regarded as a Waldorf Camp participant. Tourist tax should be paid separately to the tourist office the very first day of the camp: 0.8 per day per person older than 12 years.

Accommodation needs to be paid directly to the landlord within the first two days upon arriving to Olib!


Lunch is obligatory and is organized in the main Olib’s restaurant called “Zadruga” wich is also our meeting point. The price for lunch will be 60 HRK (approximately 8) including soup, main dish, salad and dessert. Children have the following discounts:

  1. children under 5 years old have a 50% discount
  2. children aged from 6 to 12 have a 20% discount

You can eat dinner at the restaurant too, it costs 6. The everyday menu is suited for vegetarians also and there is an option for vegan food.