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Petar will never teach you how to move you brush or take care about perspective, but he will definitely discover a real and hidden artist in you! Painting with acrylic colors will help you to learn about shadows, colors, volume, light, realistic and abstract style, working from both observation and imagination. Also you will create art by combining different materials collected around us (at the beaches!) and transformed into art by our imagination, freedom and joy! Since Petar plans to vary different art media, maybe you will learn about the medium of clay, how to use it artistically, and the exciting possibilities it holds for us. Petar’s workshops always focus on process rather than “perfect” results.

Even though we will supply painting easels, palletes, colors and different canvas formats, attendants can also bring their own equipment for other artistic techniques. We will observe the paintings each day to help attendants develop new possibilities for their paintings. After the first week attendants should come up with a general idea about the style, motif and feel of their paintings. During the last few days, they can submit their paintings to the gallery for everyone to enjoy.

Cost: 5 € per canvas.